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 SAFRA Quadthlon

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PostSubject: SAFRA Quadthlon   SAFRA Quadthlon Icon_minitimeSun Jul 06, 2008 7:18 pm

I just thought that some of the guys/gals on this forum may be interested in the below event.


Swim 500m, skate 10km, cycle 20km and run 5km
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Number of posts : 14
Location : Toa Payoh
Registration date : 2008-06-03

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PostSubject: Re: SAFRA Quadthlon   SAFRA Quadthlon Icon_minitimeSat Jul 12, 2008 10:15 pm

Frequently Asked Questions


1. When and where will the Quadthlon 2008 (Q '08) be held?

The event will be held on 12 October at the Changi Beach Park.

2. What is unique about this event?

Q ‘08 is the first quadruple-disciplined event in the region.

3. What is the aim of event?

The Organiser hopes to create a platform for the endurance sports enthusiasts to test themselves mentally, physically, and even emotionally. Q ’08 aims to become part of a growing sporting lifestyle amongst Singaporeans and foreigners alike.

The event will celebrate personal victory as well. With Q ’08, SAFRA and SSC hope to pay tribute to the human spirit. Participants will overcome perceived barriers and strive beyond excellence. Q ’08 will also be a community effort aiming to bond Singaporeans and our neighbours.

4. What would be the impact on Singapore and the region?

The event will bring together athletes from Singapore and around the region to celebrate the true spirit of sportsmanship. This will foster good relations amongst all participants and in turn, the countries that they all come from.

5. Is this event the first time in the region?

Yes, it’s the first time in this region that a Quadthlon event is organised with inline skating as one of the disciplines, as opposed to other regions which included kayaking.

6. Why is inline skating chosen on top of the usual swimming, cycling and running legs?

Inline skating is an increasingly popular sports among Singaporean and sportsmen. The rollerblading trend in Singapore is growing with more blading events in this year. Rollerblading has also achieved national recognition with the formation of Rollersports as a National Sports Association (NSA).

This discipline is chosen, for example, over kayaking, because in this region, in terms of logistics, it is not practical to bring in kayak.

In terms of fitting into the race structure, rollerblading fits well as the fourth sport in the flow of the participants’ preparation of their gears during the race.

Participants will gear up after the swim for the blading leg of the race and dekit down to their cycling gear before finally dekitting down again to only their running shoes.

The third reason is rollerblading is one of the few sports that has high safety standards which can be manually controlled and supervised to prevent any unnecessary injuries.

7. What are the safety arrangements?

Safety is a high priority for this inaugural race. The Emergency Response Team is led by Dr Ooi Lai Hock, Deputy Head Orthopedic Surgery, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and medical professionals. There will also be medics and ambulances on site. Precautions will be taken in and out of the water; pre-, during- and post-event.

About the race

1. What are the categories open for registration?

Q ’08 is planned as an annual series and will comprise a 500m swim, 12km skate, 20km cycle and a 6km run. The total distance covered will be 38.5km. There will be four categories, namely, the Women’s and Men’s Open, individual and teams, and youth and corporate groups. This inaugural unique event hopes to attract at least 500 participants.

2. What is the race route?

The race takes place along the rustic Coastal Park Connector. Please refer to map (insert link).

3. What is the sequence of the race?

a. Swim – 500m
b. Blade – 12km
c. Cycle – 20km
d. Run – 6km

Total distance - 38.5km

4. What time is the first flag-off?

The first flag-off is at 7.30am.

5. How do the participants transit from one leg to another?

a) The Participant/s will start off with the 500m Swimming leg from the pontoon and end at the slipway area to transit into the Blading Leg.
b) Participant/s will then Blade for 12km in a loop towards the naval base to end at the transit area before preparing for the cycling leg.
c) The 20km cycling leg will take the participants towards Changi Exhibition Centre and loop back to the transit area for the last running leg.
d) The 6km running leg will go towards the naval base once again and loop back towards the end point, which will be at the entrance of the club

6. Do the participants have to bring their own bikes for the race?

Yes. Bicycle rental service will not be provided.

7. How is the Open Relay structured?

Each team member takes on two legs; the first will swim and skate and the other will cycle and run.

8. Do the youth and corporate relay categories accept mixed application?

Yes. The relay team can be made up of a male and female participant or two participants of the same gender.
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SAFRA Quadthlon
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